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Insulin Transferrin Selenium (ITS)

Catalog #0803 



ITS is a mixture of insulin, transferring, and sodium selenite. It is a general cell supplement designed for use in classical media such as DMEM, RPMI-1640 and nutrient media such as Ham's F-12, DME/F-12. In vitro studies indicate that component of ITS is utilized by most mammalian cells. They enhance cell proliferation and decrease the serum requirement of many cell types. When ITS is used with a low percent serum, proliferation is reported to be similar to medium supplemented with 10 percent serum.

ITS is prepared in Hank's Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) without phenol red.

Product Use

THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not approved for human or veterinary use, for application to humans or animals, or for use in clinical or in vitro procedures.




Dry ice.


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