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ScienCell Research Laboratories is able to provide custom services such as primary cell isolations, toxicological assays, and large quantity cell cultures. 

The primary cell isolation (Catalog #0001) is used to order cell types not currently listed in our inventory. Fresh isolations of various cell types are available per request. With ScienCell, your cells are supplied to you exactly as requested. If you have any specific requirements, please contact us for more information, and we’d be happy to discuss them. 

The toxicological assay (Catalog #0002) is used to order human cells for the toxicity assessment of new chemicals. As many new chemicals used in substantial quantities in various industries are deemed to be of neurological importance, ScienCell Research Laboratories offers sensitive, specific, and valid neurotoxicological screening tests. For details, please contact our toxicological specialist. 

The large quantity cell culture (Catalog #0003) is used to order large quantities of cells in our inventory for biochemical, molecular, and other studies. We are able to provide cells, cellular fractions, DNA, and RNA.

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