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Melt Curve Analysis Chart

Custom SNP Genotyping Kits

ScienCell's GeneQuery™ custom SNP genotyping kits by Melt Curve Analysis allow you to identify the sample genotype (A/A, A/B or B/B) at a target genomic location in 90 minutes.

For each sample, set up 2 qPCR reactions, one with primer set A (psA), and one with primer set B (psB). Following qPCR with melt curve analysis, the melt temperature (Tm) of the qPCR product is compared to a predetermined threshold temperature (Tthreshold). The interpretation of results is shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Interpretation of qPCR with melt cureve analysis results:
qPCR with Primer set AqPCR with Primer set BInterpretation
Tm,psA > TThreshold, A Tm,psB < TThreshold, B Genotype A/A
Tm,psA < TThreshold, A Tm,psB > TThreshold, B Genotype B/B
Tm,psA > TThreshold, A Tm,psB > TThreshold, B Genotype A/B

All custom SNP genotyping kits will be wet-lab verified. The normal turnaround time is 5 to 15 business days. Please contact us at 877-602-8549 or

Kit components (250 reactions):
Custom SNP primer set A, lyophilized 250 reactions
Custom SNP primer set B, lyophilized 250 reactions
Nuclease-free H2O 10 mL
2x SYBR® Green qPCR master mix 5 mL

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