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All-Inclusive 3D Spheroid Kits

All-Inclusive 3D Spheroid Kits

Key features

  • Convenient: Easy-to-use comprehensive kits.
  • Flexible: Allows manipulations of specific variables using the All-Inclusive 3D Spheroid Kits.
  • Uniform: Hundreds of 3D spheroids develop uniformly in each well using specially-formulated 3D culture medium.
  • Reproducible: Obtains a statistically significant sample size from hundreds of 3D spheroids per well, enhancing the accuracy of your experimental data.

Homogenous Formation of 3D Primary Spheroids

Day 1
Day 3
Day 7
Day 9


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  1. Human Cortical Spheroids at Day 7

    All-Inclusive 3D Human Cortical Spheroid Formation Kit

    Catalog #3D-1520

    ScienCell’s 3D human cortical spheroid model comprised of primary human neurons and astrocytes (1:7 ratio) is an advanced in vitro model for the study of CNS functions, diseases, and therapeutics. Primary human neurons and astrocytes maintain direct cell-cell interactions and form functional synapses throughout the spheroids. Learn More
  2. Development of 3D osteoblast spheroid at days 3 (taken at 100x magnification).

    All-inclusive 3D Human Calvarial Osteoblast Spheroid Formation Kit

    Catalog #3D-4600

    ScienCell has developed a 3D osteoblast spheroid formation kit (3D-HCOSF) in which cells maintain direct cell-cell and cell-ECM interactions in all three dimensions. Osteoblasts grown in ScienCell’s 3D spheroid culture preserve their functionality and have elevated expression levels of osteogenic genes, compared to those grown in 2D culture. 3D-HCOSF is a more physiologically relevant in vitro model for studying the bone physiology and the drug effects on bone metabolism.

    Learn More
  3. At days 3, 3D chondrocyte spheroid taken at 100X magnification.

    All-inclusive 3D Human Chondrocyte-articular Spheroid Formation Kit

    Catalog #3D-4650

    ScienCell has developed an all-inclusive 3D chondrocyte spheroid formation kit (3D-HCaSF) enabling the growth of human primary chondrocytes in a more biologically relevant 3D environment. By growing in a proper three-dimensional environment in vitro, chondrocytes maintain functional markers such as type II collagen, aggrecan, and Sox9 as validated by the qPCR analysis.

    Learn More
  4. Immunostaining of the co-culture spheroids with the stellate cell markers (Vimentin and Smooth Muscle Actin) and the endothelial cell marker Von Willebrand Factor.

    All-Inclusive 3D Human Hepatic Stellate-Endothelial Cell Spheroid Formation Kit

    Catalog #3D-5000

    ScienCell has developed the all-inclusive 3D human hepatic stellate-endothelial cell spheroid formation kit (3D-HHSteECSF) comprised of human hepatic stellate cells and sinusoidal endothelial cells. This kit is designed for studying the cellular crosstalk between hepatic stellate cells and sinusoidal endothelial cells during liver diseases such as liver fibrosis and caner metastasis. Learn More
  5. Day 1 post seeding

    All-inclusive 3D Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Spheroid Formation Kit

    Catalog #3D-6540

    ScienCell’s 3D human retinal pigment epithelial spheroids display the differentiated epithelial cell marker cytokeratin-18 and deposit apolipoprotein ApoE, a prominent drusen constituent. The 3D RPE spheroid model is an ideal way to model drusen in vitro and study the pathogenesis of related diseases, such as AMD. Learn More
  6. Days 3; 3D Human Blood Brain Barrier Spheroids (At 100X magnification).

    All-inclusive 3D Human Blood Brain Barrier Spheroid Formation Kit with HUVEC

    Catalog #3D-8738

    In ScienCell™’s 3-dimensional blood brain barrier spheroid model, HUVEC, pericytes, and astrocytes are co-cultured in low adhesion conditions, and self-assembled into 3D spheroids. Learn More
  7. Day 5: Osteoblast and endothelial cells co-culture spheroids

    All-inclusive 3D Osteogenesis-Angiogenesis Coupling Kit

    Catalog #3D-8748

    To study the molecular crosstalk between angiogenesis and osteogenesis during skeletal development and postnatal bone repair, ScienCell’s 3D Osteogenesis-Angiogenesis Coupling kit (3D-OAC) co-cultures human primary osteoblasts and endothelial cells as 3D multicellular spheroids, mimicking the complex cellular interactions present in bone tissue. Learn More
  8. 3D hepatic stellate cell spheroids at day 2

    All-inclusive 3D Human Hepatic Stellate Cell Monoculture Spheroid Formation Kit

    Catalog #3D-8750

    ScienCell’s hepatic stellate cells (HSC) spheroids are great models for studying the signaling pathways that govern the hepatic stellate cell activation during liver diseases. Our data reveals that culturing HSC in a physiologically-relevant 3D environment brings these cells back to their native quiescent state. Learn More
  9. Days 7; IF analysis of rat blood brain barrier spheroids

    All-inclusive 3D Rat Blood Brain Barrier Spheroid Formation Kit

    Catalog #3D-R8738

    In ScienCell™’s 3-dimensional rat blood brain barrier spheroid model, rat brain microvascular endothelial cells, pericytes, and astrocytes aggregate and self-assemble into 3D multicellular spheroids. Within spheroids, cells are able to interact with one another to recapitulate the key aspects of BBB, including the expression of ZO1 tight junction marker on the surface of the spheroids. Learn More

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