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Quantification Services

ScienCell offers quantification services for both telomere length and human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copy number using our Absolute Human/Mouse/Rat/Pig Telomere Length Quantification qPCR Assay Kits (Cat #8918/M8918/R8918/P8918) and Absolute Human Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Quantification qPCR Assay Kit (Cat #8948). Simply send us your genomic DNA samples and we will deliver results in a timely manner. Data will be delivered in the form of average telomere length (in kb) and/or mtDNA copy number (per diploid cell).

Service Price (Per Sample)
Telomere Length Quantification $180
mtDNA Copy Number Quantification $180
Dual Quantification (Telomere Length and mtDNA Copy Number) $280

Please inquire below and provide the following information in the email:

• Institution Name

• Number of Samples and Sample Names

• Services Requesting (telomere length and/or mitochondrial DNA copy number)

• Brief Sample Description (Cell Types, Cell Numbers, Cell Treatment, Infectious Materials, etc.)

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