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Customize Your Primers

Customize Your Primers

Stop spending your precious time on primer design and testing.
Let our experts help!

ScienCell Research Laboratories understands that you have unique research needs. We gladly offer custom primer design and kit services.


Download the template file for your gene selection below

Excel file download


Upload your custom primer list :

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We will deliver qPCR ready kits and primer products in a timely manner to support your research, and make sure that:

  • the optimal annealing temperature in qPCR analysis is 65°C (with 2 mM Mg2+, and no DMSO)
  • the primer set recognizes all known transcript variants of target gene, unless otherwise indicated
  • only one gene is amplified

In addition, all primer sets will be validated by qPCR with melt curve analysis, and gel electrophoresis.

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