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qPCR Array Kits

Predesigned qPCR Arrays 


Our Genequery™ qPCR array kits offer an assortment of up to 88 carefully selected genes that play key roles in biological pathways or specified disease progression, offering an efficient way to analyze a vast array of genes in a single qPCR run.

View our available kits by either:

ct Cell System  

   Find arrays focusing   
 on specific human 
    cell types.     

  Find arrays relating  
    to a specified human   
     body systems.     


Customized qPCR Arrays 


At ScienCell, we aim to offer GeneQuery™ qPCR array kits as diverse as the research they serve. For this reason, we gladly offer custom primer design and kit services to provide an array kit tailor-made for your research at no extra cost.


       Modify an existing array, make a predesigned array       
    compatible with animal cDNA, or create a completely     
   custom human or animal array to fit your needs.     

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