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1. Company Brochure 

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2. Human Cells Product List

ScienCell Human Cells      human cell product list

3. Animal Cells Product List

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4. Cells Culture Media List 

ScienCell cell culture Media      cell culture media list

5. Cell Based Assay Kits List  

ScienCell Cell Based Assay Kits      cell based assay kit list

Replacement Requests


Note: International customers who ordered products through a distributor must contact their distributor directly with replacement requests.

Customers must notify ScienCell Research Laboratories within a week of receiving goods to be eligible for a replacement. No refunds will be given. Replacements may be considered upon receiving the completed form. ScienCell will only replace defected products. The customer is not eligible for a replacement if cells are refrozen or if any other protocol and/or media was used during the culture process other than ScienCell product sheet recommendations.

Please describe in your own words how the product was used and include any relevant pictures. Also include all lot numbers (cells, media, growth supplement, etc) as this information is important for thorough investigation of the complaint.

Download Form below:

1. Product Replacement Request Form - Replacement Forms

2. Damaged Product Replacement Request - Damaged Product Form

Technical Support

If you have experienced trouble with a product that is ineligible for a replacement, we may be able to help identify and resolve the issue. In as much detail as possible, please describe in your own words how the product was used. Include any relevant pictures and lot numbers (cells, media, growth supplement, etc). 

Download Form below:

Technical Support Request Form - Replacement Forms

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