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Primary Cells

Primary Cells

With cutting-edge technologies and stringent standard of quality control, ScienCell is proud to provide researchers with over 260 types of reliable, high quality primary cells from 24 normal human and animal systems including nervous, cardiac, hepatic, renal,gastrointestinal, pulmonary, mesenchymal, adipose, oral, ovarian, prostate, hair, lymphatic, skeletal, mammary, umbilical, urethral, ocular and more, many of which are unique to the industry.

Primary cells differ from immortalized cell lines by limited population doubling. Without genetic and chemical modifications, primary cells retain many of the important physiological properties of their origin tissue systems and closely mimic the in vivo conditions. They, therefore, offer ideal cell models for a vast variety of research, from fundamental cell biology and physiology, developmental biology, disease mechanisms, to drug screening and therapeutics development.

Using methods exclusive to ScienCell, our primary cells are isolated from healthy human and animal tissues, cryopreserved at early passage with outstanding cell viability. We also provide customized cell isolation services, cell-derived DNA, RNA and proteins. Select from the Category below to see what primary cell products ScienCell offers.

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